Green Beat 60


Green Beat 60 is the world’s premier showcase of environmentally themed 60-second videos by six demographic groups at PHIST 2019.


Green Beat 60 has been created to showcase, nurture and support video makers who use the latest technology from mobile devices, GoPro or DSLR camera to create stories about sustainability, plastics, waste management, marine conservation and green themed.


Anyone! Teams from schools, colleges, universities, families, hotels and hospitality organisations, associations and independent persons are all encouraged to submit a video – in South East Asia region only.


A story or message that has made a meaningful change in the community you are in, any environmental protection or climate change initiatives such as solving waste solutions or sustainable efforts you are making at home. Narratives and documentaries in a short 60-second video form. Sketches, skits, blogs and music videos are also acceptable.


Short 60-second videos produced on mobile phones, tablets, GoPro or DSLR cameras. Emphasis should be on compelling stories that are simple and not overblown. Green Beat 60 showcases the finest and most creative amateur videos by budding filmmakers of all backgrounds and skill levels.


To showcase 1,000 industry leaders and change makers attending PHIST 2019 that now, more than ever, video makers are in control of their own stories about sustainability and the environmental changes we all face.


All videos submitted must be shot on a mobile device (Smartphone or iPad), GoPro or DSLR camera. If your movie includes scenes from drone shots, they will be accepted.

International submissions are welcomed.

Films will be judged and presented in six video maker categories:

1. School (pre-Teens)
2. School (Teens)
3. University
4. Hotels – in Phuket and across Southeast Asia
5. Organisation, NGO and Community Group
6. Family or Individual

One video from each video maker category will be selected and screened at PHIST 2019 and from the eight videos that are screened, one video will receive the Green Beat Best Film Award.

Submissions Check List

1. The duration should not be MORE than 60 seconds.
2. All content should be original.
3. All videos submitted in a language other than English must have English subtitles.
4. The video should NOT have any credits or watermark.
5. PHIST will not bear any expenses for participants’ video production costs.
6. PHIST has rights to screen these videos on any collaborating media.
7. Only the approved videos will be part of PHIST 2019 and will be uploaded on the official PHIST website & social media channels.
8. Only one winning video in each of the six categories will be presented on the main screen.
9. Not abiding by the rules will lead to disqualification.
10. The videos submitted should ideally be recorded and edited in 1080 HD horizonal format.


Videos must have been produced after 01 June 2019


We are only accepting online submissions through download to [email protected] . Video file formats accepted are .MP4, .MPEG, .AVI or .MOV

DVDs or BluRay discs will not be accepted.

Submitting your short video does not guarantee screening or acceptance.

Submission is free.

Submissions must have full clearance for all content before submitting. Any Issues that may arise due to infringement of copyrights is the participant’s responsibility.

When Submitting to the Green Beat 60 participants agree to the reproduction and dissemination of their videos for the display and promotion of PHIST 2019.


Video makers of any age are welcome. All video makers under the age of 18 must include the contact information for a parent/guardian.


Inspiring story, budgetless or grass roots filmmaking:
1. Must creatively deliver the competition brief (20%)
2. Quality of creative merit e.g., story, plot, dialogue, performances (20%)
3. Technical execution e.g., picture quality, sound quality, editing quality, production value (20%)
4. Ability to integrate conservation/sustainability into the narrative (20%)
5. Fun, inspiring and engaging content (20%)


Video submission deadline 31 August 2019 

Download Submission and Consent Form


PHIST (Phuket Hotels for Islands Sustaining Tourism) is a sustainability forum that rallies the hotel industry and its stakeholders to discuss governance, environmental sustainability, and social impact.

PHIST 2018 was attended by 567 attendees across South East Asia. Attendees include executives, General Managers, owners of hotels, government delegates and representatives from the non-profit sector. In 2019, PHIST will be held on Monday, 23 September and will target a total of 1,000 attendees across South East Asia. The event would offer attendees a mix of workshops, short expert panels, and thematic discussions, covering topics including destination development, hotel sustainability governance, sustainability marketing, and global trends on sustainability. Speakers will be a mix of industry experts from both local and international organizations. The conference day will also feature an exhibition area, showcasing sustainability products and services.


Travel and tourism have grown immensely and will continue to do so. It is our responsibility to educate and not just to promote the destination. Examples of extreme environmental degradation, overcrowding, and public outcry among residents are emerging across the world as a tourism backlash. In recent years, we have seen the closure of destinations especially islands to protect the eco-system, despite the risk to tourism revenues and tens of thousands of jobs.

Below are some islands and beaches closed due to over-tourism and degradation of natural resources and environment

  • Boracay (April-October 2018)
  • Maya Beach in Koh Phi Phi (June 2018 – 2021)
  • Koh Tachai (October 2016)

phist 2019


However, the increased awareness of travelers, business, and government together can work to scale solutions. In Phuket as well as other destinations in Thailand and the region, we now have a choice as an industry: either exacerbate the negative effects of tourism and risk losing market share, or leverage the opportunity for tourism to contribute to sustainable development, environmental protection, and collective impact for its local communities. The day will explore the challenges and opportunities for hotels to turn the negative into a positive.


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